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Still a proudly Australian manufacturer, ZCG’s success hasn’t happened overnight:

We were established in 1970 when Gregor Cox identified the need in the amateur radio fraternity for a high quality range of low-maintenance, long service-life antennas. Starting off in Gregor’s shed, ZCG has since grown to have an Australia-wide Re-seller network, a burgeoning export business and continues to expand to this day.

Key to this growth is the drive and hands-on management of the current directors, Garry and Sally-Ann Kelly; taking ownership in 2004 and having more than 30 years experience in the RF field, they continue to provide clients with the high degree of skill & expertise in antenna design & optimisation that our customers have come to expect.

Initially learning his skills in the UK as an antenna installer, Garry turned his hand to designing antennas, successfully completing a City & Guilds Certificate in Electronics. On returning to Australia, Garry continued to study antenna design before going it alone in 2000 as an independent consultant. Working closely with then owner Ray Cox, Garry was offered the opportunity to buy ZCG, as Ray was highly impressed with Garry’s skills and believed that Garry was the right person to take ZCG Scalar into the future.

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