HF deck mount vertical radiator, white, 2-22MHz, MM2 fold-down mount incl. requires ATU - 2.4m

Product code: HM208

Product Description

The HM208 HF mast mount or side of vessel is suitable for all HF communications within the 2-2MHz range. Mount the HM208 as high on your structure or vessel as possible using the supplied MM2 fold down mount or alternatively you can order a Mast mount adaptor (MMA) and suitable mounting brackets for mast mounting such as EB1-SS or UB3-SS.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [HM208]

Product Specifications

Weight3.0kg including base
DimensionsHeight: 2.4m
ConstructionWhite fibreglass radome, chrome mount ferrule, external cable and 316 stainless steel fold-down base
HEPlaneH Plane: 360 omni-directional
Impedance50 Ohms when A.T.U. connected
ConnectorNone required, A.T.U. required
FrequencyHF 2-22MHz
TuningField tune using A.T.U.
Gain0dBd - unity
Max power250 Watts P.E.P.

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