2-way stainless steel support bar, Yagi tension strut kit suits Y200-SS or Y300-SS Yagi - 2.0m

Product code: YS2-23-SS

Product Description

The YS2-23-SS is a 304 stainless steel support bar tension strut kit for harsh environments where exposure or corrosive environments are present such as off-shore petroleum facilities, on-shore chemical or petroleum facilities or installation locations where salt water penetration is present. The YS2-23-SS is designed for horizontally installed Yagis, for vertical mounting please consult our sales team for a suitable solution.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [Yagi Strut Kits]

Product Specifications

DimensionsEach strut is 2.0m in length
ConstructionFibreglass and stainless steel