About Us

ZCG Scalar™ is an Australian owned business operating since 1970. We manufacture hundreds of antenna models to suit your RF communication and broadcasting requirements. The design and development of new products is always an ongoing process for our Technical Services Department.

Our Head Office and manufacturing plant is located in Lindenow, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Our RF solution product range includes:

  • Fixed Position/ Base Station
  • Mobile Phone and Wireless Data Improvement
  • FM and Digital Radio Broadcast
  • Marine Communications
  • Filters, Multicouplers and Switch frames
  • Wireless Data / Telemetry
  • Digital TV Broadcast
  • Hand Portable Antennas
  • Vehicle Mount/ Mobile Antennas
  • Pneumatic Masts
  • Citizen Band HF, VHF and UHF

In the majority of cases, ZCG™ will have an antenna designed to serve your purposes. If not displayed, you are welcome to enquire with ZCG™, with an in-house Research & Development department we have the capability for custom antenna design and production to meet your specific requirements. Because we design and assemble our antennas in-house, our quality control is strictly monitored at every step of the process. All of our products are ISO accredited, resulting in superior performance, prompt delivery and friendly/meaningful customer service relationships.

We take pride in every RF solution we design, manufacture and deliver. Our reputation has been built upon these high standards which is reinforced by ISO certification.

ZCG Scalar™ are distributors of quality RF MAX™ Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Connectors, Adaptors, Cable Fittings and numerous other RF Accessories.

For Power dividers or splitters, Coaxial phasing harnesses, band-pass or band-stop filters, Pneumatic telescopic masts, custom coaxial cable assemblies, Power surge protection, Mounting clamps and much more, we stock a huge range and can assist with all your RF requirements.

We also offer Technical consultancy such as antenna signal propagation mapping and System consultancy such as custom tower steel work design, as well as computer-based field strength prediction and reporting.

ZCG’s head office and manufacturing facility in Lindenow, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Factory Tour

The ZCG Scalar™ head office and production facility is located in Lindenow, Victoria, a regional environment 15 kilometres west of Bairnsdale and 300 kilometres East of Melbourne in the East Gippsland region. This position is ideal for the manufacture of antennas and related RF systems due to the lack of both radio frequency and electrical interference.

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