Antenna System Installations


 Can ZCG Scalar install antennas I purchase ?

  • The ZCG Technical and Field Services Division is fully trained to install the entire ZCG antenna range.
  • We can also help with the installation of NON-ZCG Scalar antenna’s

How much does an installation cost ?

The cost of installation depends upon many variables. To request a quote, send the Technical and Field Services Division an email, or give us a call and we can discuss your options. Some details you should include in your email are :

  • Your contact information.
  • Distance to the nearest town.
  • Type of installation structure. (e.g. tower, mast, roof, building.)
  • Type of antenna and any other items that need to be installed.

What installation services do ZCG Scalar offer ?

ZCG can offer as much as or as little as you require. Some of the installation service on offer are :

  • Basic rigging labour hire.
  • Installation consultation.
  • Full installation project management – for larger projects/systems.
  • Antenna and site commissioning.
  • Steelwork mounting design/supply.
  • In-building rigid line design and construction.

What are ZCG Scalar’s capabilities ?

  • Qualified Technical Riggers.
  • System Testing/Commissioning.
  • Installation Report Supply – including ‘As Installed’ performance plots.
  • Project Management Services.
  • Antenna System Design and Supply.
  • Mounting Steelwork Design and Supply.

If you would like further information about ZCG Scalar’s Installation Services, please contact the Technical Services Division to discuss your requirements. You can also request a quotation for Antenna System Installation Services here.