Broadcast DAB+ Radio

DAB Radio or Digital Audio Broadcasting is the newest technological advance within radio broadcasting. DAB Radio was first introduced into Australia in 2009. Due to low population density Australia wide upgrades to DAB radio are not yet underway. All Australian major cities now provide DAB Radio in both commercial and Government owned radio stations.

The benefits of DAB radio over traditional FM Radio, are the increase in the amount of number of stations within the frequency allocation, improve the quality of signal and reduce fading using MPEG 4 HE-AAC.

DAB+ Radio is a more efficient form of Radio Broadcasting by greatly reducing the co-channel interference or ‘cross-talk’   

DAB+ radio can also be known by other names such as DMB ‘Digital Media Broadcasting’ or DAB-IP. DAB+ radio has been implemented in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Canada, South America and Oceania.

  • Panel:The panel based antenna is best suited for wideband capabilities, where a low profile is required or where space availability is at a minimum, panels consist of radiating elements with a solid back screen to ensure the signal is sent in the intended direction.
  • Sidemount Dipole:A sidemount or folded dipole is the very basis of antenna design, consisting of a single folded dipole with a 1λ (wavelength) handle to suspend the radiating dipole away from your structure. Ideal for mounting on a structure, telescopic mast or pole.

The radiation pattern, maximum bandwidth and gain capabilities do vary significantly between antenna types. Our team of RF Solutions Consultants are always available to personally assist you in selecting the very best Broadcast Solution available for your particular application.

Sidemount dipole
Vertical dipole

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