Broadcast Television

The Digital TV Spectrum is set between UHF 520-700MHz after the Australian government re-stack of the digital TV frequency and UHF 520-820MHz in other countries. The original TV spectrum was VHF 174-230MHz until the upgrade to Digital media was introduced. The lower VHF TV spectrum is still in use today to transfer Digital TV signal or for VHF communications.

All ZCG Television Broadcast antennas are tuned to better than 1.2:1 VSWR which is the minimal requirement for broadcasting antennas, ensuring the efficiency of your transmission system.

A description of ZCG’s range of Broadcast Television antennas are as listed and described below:

  • Collinear: A collinear consists of multiple internal dipole elements to increase overall gain in a 360 degree “Omni-directional” pattern. A collinear is suited for long distance communications in a central position. Ideal for mounting at the top of a structure or top of a tower or pole.
  • Dipole Array: Consisting from 2 to your required amount, a dipole array uses multiple sidemount or folded dipole in a coupled configuration via a power divider to increase the gain of your signal. Ideal for mounting on a tower or large structure.
  • Horizontal Slot: A Horizontal slot antenna is suited for atop a tower or structure mounting for when space requirements are at minimum and a near omnidirectional pattern is required within a low profile.
  • Panel: The panel based antenna is best suited for wideband capabilities, or where a low profile is required where space is at a minimum, panels consist of radiating elements with a solid back screen to ensure all the signal is sent in the intended direction.
  • Yagi: Yagi’s consist of a set of director elements and a single or dual folded dipole and a single reflector all in a line. The configuration of a Yagi allows for a directional signal to be sent in the intended transmission plane either Horizontal or Vertical depending on mounting.

The radiation pattern, maximum bandwidth and gain capabilities do vary significantly between antenna types. Our team of RF Solutions Consultants are always available to personally assist you in selecting the very best Broadcast Television Solution available for your particular application.

Dipole Array
Horizontal Slot

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