Cable & Connectors Cable Clamps, Clips and Sealants

For a complete RF Solutions system, ensuring your cable, connectors as well as expensive and high powered equipment are protected from external ingression damage requires high end sealants and cable clamps to ensure the outside does not ingress inside.

ZCG recommend the use of cable glands for all cable runs entering your transmission hut or building. Ensure all terminations are adequately environmentally protected using amalgamation tape and PVC tape.

Running a coaxial cable up the cable tray on a tower or internally inside your building should be undertaken with the same care and organisation as where your antenna is on your tower or pole. Ensure you cable runs are kept tidy, easily identifiable and secure using coaxial cable clamps.

If you cannot see a solution to suit your requirements on the following pages, please contact ZCG directly who can assist you in find an ideal solution or custom creating a solution to suit.  

Cable clamps
Cable ties
Tape and sealants