Cable & Connectors RF Cable Assemblies

ZCG prides itself on manufacturing custom RF cable assemblies to suit your specific needs. ZCG’s ability customise a RF cable assembly to suit your needs starts at the very beginning with a wide range of RF cable to choose from:

Our range of cable assemblies displayed on our website are just a small snapshot of our current available range of RF cable assemblies. ZCG pride itself on in-house manufacturing custom RF cable assemblies to suit your individual requirements. Contact ZCG directly with your custom RF cable assembly requirements here.

ZCG offer a wide range of terminations to finish your custom RF cable assembly, please see below for the range available:

The inclusion of either strain relief covers, installation grommets, water-proofing glands, identifications stickers or bird-proof stainless steel braid can all be included, this must be specified upon ordering of your custom RF cable assembly.

1/2 corrugated foam dielectric
1/2 super flexible helical foam dielectric
7/8 corrugated foam dielectric
MIL-SPEC RG58 low loss solid core
MIL-SPEC RG58 stranded