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 ZCG is a world class radio frequency antenna designer, manufacturer and consulting organisation that offer an integrated approach to identifying RF solutions in partnership with client needs.

The company began in 1970 as a family business and is still a family-owned business to this day. It started because of a need within the amateur radio fraternity for high quality reliable antenna systems, specifically designed to deliver long-term and trouble-free service in the worlds harshest environments.

Following strong support received in response to early antenna designs, in 1994 the owners took control of Scalar Antennas based in Melbourne and shifted the manufacturing equipment to Lindenow. The company name changed to ZCG Scalar and it was at this point we became a major commercial antenna manufacturer competing with other companies on the domestic and international stage.

In September 2004, G-Tech Communication Services Pty Ltd purchased ZCG Scalar. With over 30 years experience in the RF industry, the current Directors Garry and Sally-Ann Kelly provide clients with a high degree of competence and extensive technical knowledge in antenna design, installation and performance optimisation.

Customer support and demand resulted in continual growth of our product range to accommodate a diverse range of antennas, cables, connectors and all mounting accessories necessary for RF applications including :

The primary production facility is located in Lindenow, Victoria, Australia, a rural environment 15 kilometres west of Bairnsdale in the East Gippsland region. This position is ideal for the manufacture of antennas and related RF systems due to the lack of both radio frequency and electrical interference.

In January 2006 the factory in Lindenow, Victoria was extended to provide larger manufacturing areas and a more efficient production flow through departments from delivery of materials to final dispatch of completed antennas. The head office administration, sales and staff facilities have also been extended to accommodate and expanding sales and production team. Expansion of our warehouse capabilities as well as a new Research and Development facility is underway to expand our testing and development capabilities for a wide range of requirements. ZCG prides itself on employing local staff members for the surrounding rural areas, ZCG has recognised the need for a continuous training regime to keep up to date with the ever growing communications sector. All employees are formally trained to a high level of competence with full recognition that our staff and their skills are in fact our greatest asset.

ZCG has many collaborative relationships, from manufacturing partners in Taiwan and Malaysia to providing services to major Australian clients. These supplier and client relationships has helped strengthen the company’s ability to provide end to end RF solutions.

Some of these relationships include external product suppliers such as Novaris lightning protection, Label Italy Filter and Combiners, and Fireco telescopic pneumatic operated masts.

On the client side ZCG has extended contracts in place with government departments, nation-wide and community broadcasters and a multitude of private companies.

Management Team

Garry_Kelly_MD_170 Sally Kelly 2014
Garry Kelly
Managing Director
Sally-ann Kelly
Trevor Small 2014
Trevor Small
General Manager
Laura Makings
Finance Manager


A broad range of technology is employed and constantly upgraded in the Lindenow-based manufacturing facility. An integrated IT system guarantees the smooth flow and tracking of products from order point through manufacturing to dispatch of the items.

Design and test facilities incorporate Network Analysers at each point in the production and performance testing stages. This means that products are manufactured and optimised to the very highest technical standards.

Computer controlled CNC lathes, routers, saws, drills and Mills allow for precise high quality components within all of our products.

RF Solutions and Services

ZCG are specialists in developing RF solutions especially for customers with particular technical requirements or problems. Our flexibility and willingness to consider economically viable custom antenna designs is an expertise well recognised within the industry.

The company has increased its market share in the antenna industry and has now also expanded further into the provision of associated services such as :

  • Coverage planning and modelling
  • Broadcast field strength measurement
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) field survey measurements of radiation hazard areas and reporting to government standards
  • EMR prediction
  • Government ARPANSA EMR Standards
  • Government ACMA Requirements
  • Mechanical mount designs
  • Machining of components
  • RF Safety and Risk Management


  • In-house antenna modelling
  • In-house antenna design
  • In-house antenna manufacturing
  • In-house machining of components
  • EMR prediction and modelling
  • EMR measuring of RF radiation hazard areas
  • Coverage planning and modelling
  • Broadcast field strength measurement
  • Custom RF solutions
  • Provision of installation accessories
  • Technical advice

Mission Statement

Together as a team we will serve our customers by:

  • Welcoming their enquiries
  • Listening to their needs
  • Providing them with quality antenna products and impressive service
  • Taking pride in what we do and solutions we offer
  • Delivering client solutions beyond expectations

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