White UHF coaxial dipole - 1090 MHz, ADS-B antenna, N-female in base, 100W, 0dBd - 1.0 m

Product code: B1050

Product Description

The B1050 coaxial dipole provides an economical base station ADS-B antenna solution with no compromise in either quality of construction or performance. It is ideal for omnidirectional low power transmit and recieve applications up to 100 Watts.

Product Specifications

Weight0.9 Kg
DimensionsH = 1.0m
ConstructionWhite radome, aluminium mount tube
HEPlaneH Plane: Omnidirectional, E Plane: 66
Impedance50 Ohms
Frequency1090 MHz
BandwidthAny 3% (specify Transmit and Recieve on order)
Gain0 dBd
Max power100 Watts