VHF sidemount dipole, 304 stainless steel, 148-174MHz, 250W, 0dBd - 785mm

Product code: B43SS

Product Description

The B43SS is designed for use as a VHF communications sidemount dipole. The B43SS all stainless steel sidemount dipole is manufactured for the 148-174MHz range. Stacking in an array formation will increase gain and give a more directional pattern.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [B43 B43SS]

Product Specifications

DimensionsHeight: 785mm, Stand-off: 1.0m
Construction304 stainless steel dipole and stand-off and 1.0m RG213
Impedance50 Ohms
PolarisationVertical - ensure drain hole faces down
ConnectorN-type female fitted to cable
FrequencyVHF 148-174MHz
BandwidthFull band
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Gain0 dBd for a single bay, stacking increases gain
Max power250 Watts