Right-angle heavy duty clamp, extra large, stainless steel - boom 30-50mm, mast up to 120mm dia.

Product code: C-125

Product Description

The C-125 is the largest round boom capable 304 stainless steel right-angle mounting clamp utilising a heavy-duty clamp plate, heavy-duty clamp mounting U-bolts and medium-duty U-bolts and V-blocks for mounting your sidemount dipole or round boom Yagi. Suitable for Y100, Y200, Y300 or our range of B series sidemount dipoles. For installation of the C-125 mounting clamp you will require 13mm or 1/2" spanner and 19mm spanners.

Product Specifications

Dimensions150 x 175 mm
Construction304 stainless steel plate and antenna mounting hardware and galvanised steel heavy-duty U-bolts