Elliptical directional UHF dipole binary array, aluminium, 400-520MHz, 500W, 6dBd - 3.5m

Product code: DUA-4052AL-6E

Product Description

The elliptical binary dipole array offers both an elliptical radiation pattern and genuine broadband coverage across the entire UHF frequency range. THe DUA-4052AL-6E is recommended to be mounting protruding from the top of your structure or tower to ensure a true elliptical pattern.

Product Specifications

DimensionsHeight: 3.5m, Width: 600mm
ConstructionFully-welded corrosion resistant aluminium boom and dipoles and 1m RG142
Impedance50 Ohms
ConnectorN-type female fitted to cable
FrequencyUHF 400-520MHz
BandwidthFull band
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Gain6 dBd
Max power500 Watts