Stainless Steel 2 dipole flat FM Panel. Vertically polarised, 87.5 -108 MHz, Any 10 MHz

Product code: FM-ZVPD

Product Description

The FM-ZVPD is a Vertically polarised FM broadcast yagi that offers true circular field with full band coverage which permits multiple broadcast frequencies and antenna sharing.

Product Specifications

Weight62 kg
Dimensions2500 mm x 1700mm x 1000mm
HEPlaneH Plane: 65°; E Plane: 58°
Impedance50 Ohms
Connector7/16" Din female (fitted) or 7/8"EIA
FrequencyFM band 87.5-108.5MHz
BandwidthAny 10 MHz
Gain6.5dBd, per panel
Max power5 kW EIA