FM Radio mixed polarised dipole, 304 stainless steel, 98-108MHz, specify 500kHz, 7/16" DIN female, 1kW, -3dBd - 1.8m, extended support arm

Product code: FMD-CPHP-H-XL

Product Description

Mixed polarised dipoles are an excellent choice for FM radio single transmission frequency local area coverage. Community broadcast groups with a limited budget will find these an affordable and effective option. The FMD-CPHP-H is designed and manufactured for the higher end of the FM radio band. ZCG recommend mounting the FMD-CPHP-H as high on your tower as possible using the supplied mounting hardware.

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 1.45m, Width: 400mm, Height: 400mm
ConstructionFully-welded 304 stainless steel body, stand-off and tri-metal plated termination
Impedance50 Ohms
PolarisationMixed polarised
Connector7/16" DIN female fitted to rear of dipole
FrequencyFM Radio 98-108MHz
BandwidthSpecify single FM broadcast frequency or 500kHz when orderi
Gain-3 dBd single bay, stacking increases gain
Max power1 Kilowatt per bay