Omni-directional FM radio vertical dipole, white 87.5-108MHz, specify 1MHz, 25W, 0dBd - 2.8m

Product code: FMVD-MC

Product Description

The FMVD-MC is a ground independent vertical dipole, specifically designed and manufactured for low power FM radio transmit and receive. Mount the FMVD-MC using the mounting section and 2 x EB1-SS or 1 x UB3-SS. ZCG recommend mounting the FMVD-MC as high as possible to ensure a true omni-directional pattern.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [FMVD MC]

Product Specifications

DimensionsHeight: 2.8m
ConstructionWhite fibreglass radome, aluminium mount section, cap and 500mm RG58 A/U MIL-SPEC
HEPlaneH Plane: 360° omni-directional, ± 0.5 dBd
Impedance50 Ohms
ConnectorN-type female fitted to cable
FrequencyFM Radio 87.5-108MHz
BandwidthSpecify any 1MHz when ordering
TuningFactory at better than -20dB 1.2:1 VSWR
Gain0 dBd
Max power25 Watts