FM radio hybrid coupler, 87.5-108MHz, 1.05:1 VSWR, 7/16" DINF and 7/8" EIA, 2 x 2kW - 450mm

Product code: FRC-2

Product Description

The FRC-2 FM radio hybrid coupler combines two input signals into one output port, whilst maintaining better than 30dB of isolation between them. The FRC-2 is suitable for creating dual decked combiners or adding two power amplifiers.

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 450mm, Width: 270mm, Height: 80mm
ConstructionAlodyne treated 120 finish aluminium components and PTFE
Impedance50 Ohms
ConnectorInputs 2 x 7/16" DIN female, Output: 7/8" EIA
FrequencyFM Radio 87.5-108MHz
BandwidthFull band
TuningFactory at 1.05:1 VSWR
Max power2 x 2 Kilowatts input