2-way scaled power divider, specify 10%, -26dB, 10kW, 1 5/8" EIA and 7/8" EIA, includes mounting

Product code: PD-158782

Product Description

Power dividers are designed to allow antennas to be mounted in a 2, 3 or 4 stack phased array formation, whilst maintaining optimum return loss, ideal for broadcasters. The length and weight of power dividers will vary according to frequency. The PD-158782 is a scaled power divider, for set frequency allocations see the rest of the range, or for wider bandwidth see the PD2 series of power dividers.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [Power Dividers PD 158]

Product Specifications

WeightWill be detemined by specified frequency
DimensionsWill be detemined by specified frequency
ConstructionPainted brass body, silver plated termimations and PTFE insulators
Impedance50 Ohms nominal
ConnectorInput: 1-5/8" EIA, Output: 2 x 7/8" EIA
FrequencySpecify centre frequency
BandwidthSpecify any 10% when ordering
TuningFactory at better than -26dB
Max power10 kWatts