2-way FM Radio power divider, 87.5-108.5MHz,specify 25%, 7/8" EIA, 5kW

Product code: PD2-78782-100

Product Description

The PD2-78782-100 2-way 7/8" EIA power divider is scaled for broadcast use within the FM Radio frequency range 87.5-108.5MHz. The single 7/8" EIA connector is capable of a maximum power input of 5kW split 50-50 with the 2 x 7/8" EIA output connectors. Standard large power divider clamps are supplied, please contact ZCG sales team for advice on your specific requirements.

Product Specifications

ConstructionPainted brass and tri-metal plated connectors
Impedance50 Ohms
ConnectorInput: 7/8" EIA ; Output: 2 x 7/8" EIA
FrequencyFM Radio 87.5-108.5MHz
BandwidthSpecify 25% bandwidth around centre frequency
TuningFactory at better than -26dB
Max power5kW