FM Radio star point harness for 3-way combiner, specify frequencies - 1.5kW output

Product code: PDD-FM-N-716

Product Description

The PDD-FM-N-716 star point harness is suitable for any 3-channel combiner including Polar 3-channel combiners, star point connection with 7/16" DIN female input in the base of the union block. Ensure the terminations are clean prior to installation to ensure reliable connection.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [PDD FM N 716 3 Channel Star Point Harness]

Product Specifications

WeightWeight will be determined by overall dimensions
DimensionsArms length will be determined by supplied frequencies when
ConstructionBrass union block, coaxial cable arms and terminations
Impedance50 Ohm Nominal
Connector7/16" DIN Female output. 3-way N-type male inputs
FrequencyFM Radio 87.5-108MHz
BandwidthSpecify 3 frequencies, 1 per input arm
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Max power500 Watts per input - total of 1.5kW