VHF 2-way CP Yagi phasing harness, 70-108MHz, specify 10%, 90° phase shift one arm, N-type input/output, 250W

Product code: PDY-2CP

Product Description

The PDY-2CP phasing harness can be used to turn a dual polarised Yagi into a circular polarised Yagi .One arm 90 degrees out of phase with the other. It can give the Yagi either right handed or left handed polarisation.

Product Specifications

WeightWill be determined by specified frequency
DimensionsWill be determined by specified frequency
ConstructionBlack moulded plastic, coaxial cable and tri-metal plated connectors
Impedance50 Ohms nominal
PolarisationMount with input connector facing down
ConnectorN-type female fitted to input arm, N-type male on each outpu
FrequencyVHF 70-108MHz
BandwidthSpecified 10%
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Max power250 Watts