UHF 4 stack dipole array, aluminium, 400-520MHz, 4 x N-type females, 250W, 0dBd per dipole- 3.4m

Product code: S4B44-X

Product Description

The S4B44-X is a unique UHF dipole stack array with 4 outputs which allows the use of multiple transmit or recieve functions within the UHF 400-520MHz frequency range. The S4B44-X comes standard with 4 x N-type females fitted, but can be altered to suit your requirements. ZCG recommend mounting the S4B44-X as high on your structure or tower as possible using 2 x UAM180L or 2 x UAM90L.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [S2B44 X S4B44 X]

Product Specifications

DimensionsHeight: 3.4m x 48.4mm
ConstructionCorrosion resistant aluminium boom, dipoles and 4 x 200mm RG58
Impedance50 Ohms
Connector4 x N-type females fitted to 4 x cables
FrequencyUHF 400-520MHz
BandwidthFull band
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Gain0 dBd per dipole
Max power250 Watts