TETRA 4-port combiner and 4-port splitter, RX 453-459MHz, TX 463-469MHz, N-type female, 25W

Product code: TET-4pcom-4pspl

Product Description

The TET-4pspl-4pcom combines both a splitter and combiner into one rack mounted device with noise figures for Rx of 3.5dB. TETRA is a digital licenced version of UHF communications used by courier companies, mining, securities and also emergency services. This TETRA 4-port combiner and 4-port splitter will fit into a 19" (inch) rack with 3U spacing

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [ZCG TETRA 4port Combiner 4port Splitter]

Product Specifications

DimensionsWidth: 415mm, Depth: 500mm, Height: 135mm - 3U rack fitting
ConstructionBlack powdercoated outer case and chrome terminations
Impedance50 Ohms
ConnectorTx/Rx Port: N-type female, Tx Input:: 4 x N-type female, Rx
FrequencyRx 453-459MHz, Tx 463-469MHz
GainTx High: -10dB, Rx Low: +16dB
Max powerTx High: +44dBm - 25W, Rx Low: -10dBm - 01mW