FM Radio dual polarised 6 element Yagi, aluminium, 87.5-108MHz, specify 4%, 250W, 2 x N-type female, 9dBd - 3.63m

Product code: Y206DP

Product Description

The Y206DP dual polarised Yagi is specifically designed and manufactured for FM radio transmit and receive. ZCG recommend mounting the Y206DP as high on your structure or tower as possible using 1 x Y2300 and a tension strut kit.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [Y200DP]

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 3.63m, Widest element: 1.8m, Boom Diameter: 50mmø
ConstructionCorrosion resistant aluminium boom, elements and dipoles and 2 cable tails
HEPlaneH Plane: 50° E Plane: 46°
Impedance50 Ohms
PolarisationDual polarised, Horizontal or Vertical or +-/45 slant depend
ConnectorN-type female input on phasing harness
FrequencyFM Radio 87.5-108MHz
BandwidthSpecify any 4% when ordering
TuningFactory at <1.2:1 VSWR
Gain9 dBd per plane
Max power250 Watts for TX