UHF 15 element double-dipole Yagi, aluminium, 470 & 625 MHz video/data - 1.9m

Product code: Y415-DCB

Product Description

This brtoadband yagi covers 470 to 625 MHz, designed for data and Video on two separate frequencies, comes complete with DC block, for powered amplifiered systems

Product Specifications

Weight2.5 kg
DimensionsLength: 1.9m
ConstructionFully welded aluminium body/dipole, coaxial cable and tri-metal plated connector
Impedance50 Ohms nominal
PolarisationVertical or Horizontal
ConnectorN-type female
FrequencyUHF 470 and 625 MHz video and data
BandwidthSet frequency
Gain12 dBd
Max power100 Watts