UHF 3 element square boom scaled Yagi, stainless steel, 800-960MHz, specify 60MHz, 50W, 6dBd - 700mm

Product code: Y803-SS

Product Description

The Y803-SS directional scaled Yagi are a low gain, low wind load Yagi designed for rugged coastal areas for use within the UHF, ISM or mobile phone frequency range 800-960MHz withiin a specified 60MHz bandwidth. Alternate models with higher gain and aluminium construction are also available.

Product Specifications

DimensionsLength: 700mm, Widest element: 210mm
Construction304 grade stainless steel boom, dipole and 250mm RG59
HEPlaneH Plane: 76°, E Plane: 57° at 3dBd
Impedance50 Ohms
PolarisationMount horizontal or vertical as required
ConnectorN-type female fitted to cable
FrequencyUHF, ISM or 4G/3G mobile phone 800-960MHz
BandwidthSpecify 60MHz bandwidth or transmit and recieve on order
TuningFactory at 1.5:1 VSWR
Gain6 dBd
Max power50 Watts