27MHz CB Radio base loaded whip, stainless steel - 27MHz, 5/16"-26 Brass female thread, 50W, 2.1dBi, requires ground plane - 1.2m

Product code: ZN5-27-12

Product Description

The ZN5-27-12 is a stainless steel base loaded whip for 27MHz CB radio communications. The ZN5-27-12 requires a metal ground plane to perform at the specified levels. The ZN5-27-12 can be mounted onto any base assembly with a 5/16"-26 Brass male thread, like the OB-4.7.

PDF documents for download:
    Brochure [ZN5 27 12 27MHz CB Radio Whip]
    Installation Guide [ZN5-27-12 Whip Installation Guide]

Product Specifications

DimensionsH= 1.2m
ConstructionStainless steel whip, delrin and chrome base
HEPlaneH Plane: 360° omnidirectional
Impedance50 Ohms
FrequencyLand CB 27MHz
Gain2.1 dBi
Max power50 Watts

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