UHF 6-pole duplexer, 440-520MHz, insertion loss 1.0dB, 50 Ohm, N-type female, 50W - 240mm

Product code: ZSGQ-480H

Product Description

The ZSGQ-480H UHF duplexer filter is a 6 cavity configuration, suitable for any UHF duplexed system. Isolation is greater than 75dB and insertion loss is less than TX 1.0dB and RX 1.2dB. ZCG offer a range of duplexers working within the VHF and UHF frequency ranges.

Product Specifications

DimensionsWidth: 240mm, Depth: 158mm, Height: 31.5mm
ConstructionBlack aluminium, coaxial cable and chrome terminations
Impedance50 Ohms nominal
Connector3 x N-type females as standard
FrequencyUHF 440-520 MHz
BandwidthSpecify 200kHz, with 5MHz frequency spacing
TuningFactory at 1.25:1 VSWR
Max power50 Watts