EMR Surveys of Antenna Systems


Under the Radio Communications Act, all antenna systems exceeding 100 watts power are required to have an EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation Survey) undertaken.This is to ensure that all personnel that enter the site to perform work on the ground or in the air are not exposed to EMR in excess of the limits specified by Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

What other antenna services require a survey ?

  • Sites where the combined total input to a single antenna is greater than 100 watts, regardless of the individual service power levels. For example, 5 x 25 watt services combined into one antenna.
  • Any transmitting antenna that is mounted in a location accessible to non-RF workers, regardless of power output. For example, roof tops and balconies.

If you are unsure if your service falls under the requirements, feel free to contact our Field Services Division.

What does an EMR Survey involve ?

  1. A full survey of the site. This includes equipment buildings, site compound, tower/mast structure and roof tops.
  2. Physical site information collected. This includes tower layout, site layout and equipment building layout.
  3. List of areas surveyed and the levels found. Any area that is found to have levels that are equal to or exceed ARPANSA safety limits will be highlighted with Yellow (Workers Only) or Red (No Entry).

What do you receive after a survey ?

  • Two copies of the Site Radiation Folder, one to be kept on site and one to be kept at your offices.
  • Digital soft copy in pdf format.

How often does an EMR Survey have to be performed ?

  • Only once, as long as no changes are made to the site.
  • If any physical changes are made a new survey will have to be performed.
  • If the power level of a service increases then a new survey will have to be performed.

What Warning Signs do I need to have on site ?

ZCG Scalar can supply all the necessary signage concerning general public exposure limits, non-ionising radiation and restricted areas. Find complete details here »

For more information or to discuss any special requirements, feel free to contact the Technical Services Division. You can also request a quotation for an EMR Survey at your site here » Contact ZCG

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