Featured Product: ZN4-77 TCP Series

Your perfect inner CBD and country driving antenna.

The ZN4-77-06-TCP and ZN4-77-06S-TCP series of ground independent elevated feed detachable whip antennas are the ideal solution for any 4WD explorer, caravan enthusiast, truck driver or any application where an interchangeable 477MHz CB Radio whip is required.

ZN4-77-06-S-TCP 2 ZN4-77-06TCP 2

ZCG supplies the ZN4-77-06 town and country packs with a fibreglass 6.2dBi whip and a super flexible 2.1dBi short whip on top of a chromed elevated feed base with either a straight spring or the heavier duty barrel spring. Specify spring type when ordering.

If you are a inner city driver who has the occasional or frequenct trips into the great outdoors of the country-side, you will understand that higher gain antennas don’t work as well in inner CBD environments due to large structures like buildings who like to impede on your signal, so what you need is a low gain antenna that pushes it signal around and over buildings. But when you get to the country-side, there isn’t tall buildings to impede your signal, so a higher gain antenna to get the distance is better suited.

Combined solution? The ZN4-77-06-TCP or ZN4-77-06S-TCPare all the antenna you will need for 477MHz CB Radio communications.

For a full specification print out of the ZN4-77-06-TCP please click here.

or for the ZN4-77-06S-TCP please click here

ZCG currently holds the ZN4-77-06-TCP & ZN4-77-06S-TCPin stock, ready to ship. Please contact ZCG for more information or delivery time.

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