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ZCG has partnered up with Fireco Pneumatic masts, manufactured in Italy since 1975 to supply multi-capable pneumatic mast solutions for Meteorology, Broadcast applications, Telecommunications as well as Defence situations.


If you require a portable tower structure with the ability to extend and retract to specified heights and also have the ability to be mounted on a vehicle, structure or on a mobile tripod, for short or extended periods of time, then a Fireco Pneumatic free-standing mast is your perfect solution.

Fireco mast are available in a wide range of configurations, so there is bound to be one to suit your situation and needs. All Fireco masts are made of a high-quality, durable, light aluminium alloy, fully anodised for corrosion resistance, this ensures the Fireco pneumatic mast will survive in the harshest environments.

  • CO.5437.H.RAS
  • CO.5437.P.RAS

The range of Fireco pneumatic masts is extensive, below is a summary of the available pneumatic masts.



Please note: The stated lengths are the minimum retracted model’s dimensions, and the maximum is the largest extended model’s dimensions. Consult the downloadable PDF’s below or consult ZCG for more information.

Downloadable PDF Fireco order codes:

Compact mast configurations are also available in the below models, the compact design is suitable for reduce storage space requirements due to a reduce retracted dimensions suitable for vehicle roof mounting applications.

Ordering a ‘Compact’ version of the above masts, replace the first number if a 3 with an 8, or if a 4 with a 9

Example: CS.3434.N will become CS.8434.N

Steady mast configuration comes with manual locking devices fitted to every collar, which allows for longer duration of extension without the need for compressed air pressure. The models below are available:

Ordering a ‘Steady’ version of the above masts, replace the first number if a 3 with an 6, or if a 4 with a 7

Example: CS.3434.N will become CS.6434.N

Roof mast configurations are available in either manual or electro-pneumatic models. The manual roof mast is best suitable for a reduce space and lightweight applications.

The Roof mast configuration Base Pro comes with a fully electronic tilt and turn capability.

Downloadable PDF Fireco roof mount order codes:

The ZCG range of Fireco pneumatic mast accessories available:

Downloadable PDF Fireco accessories order codes:

The fireco range of pneumatic masts come standard in annodised silver, they are also available in a range of annodised or painted matte or gloss colours:

Downloadable PDF Fireco Order Codes

For more information or pricing on the entire Fireco pneumatic mast range available from ZCG, please contact your local ZCG sales consultant.

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