Masts & Accessories

If you require a portable tower structure with the ability to extend and retract to specified heights and also have the ability to be mounted on a vehicle, structure or on a mobile tripod, for short or extended periods of time, then a Fireco Pneumatic free standing mast is your perfect solution.

Fireco mast are available in a wide range of configurations, so there is bound to be one to suit your situation and needs.

Fireco is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic mast from Italy, Fireco pride themselves on producing high quality robust pneumatic masts and accessories to ensure your pneumatic mast is up to any task you require it to undertake. All Fireco masts are made of light aluminium alloy, fully anodised and painted corrosion-proof high visibility yellow, this ensures the Fireco Pneumatic mast is visible in harsh weather.

The Fireco range of mast come in many different models; Super light, for those lightweight requirements up to their super heavy models for those situations that require a super heavy duty pneumatic mast or high load rating.

All Fireco Pneumatic masts are backed by ZCG’s 2 year warranty on all faulty components or build quality.

The ZCG range of Fireco Pneumatic masts are as follows:

  • Super Heavy – 200mm diameter – 6-12 sections – Minimum 1.475m retracted, up to 21.11m extended
  • Heavy – 152mm diameter – 5-9 sections – Minimum 1.69m retracted, up to 15.05m extended
  • Standard – 115mm diameter – 4-7 sections – Minimum 1.18m retracted, up to 20m extended
  • Maxi Primo – 101mm diameter – 9-11 sections – Minimum 1.25m retracted, up to 20.0m extended
  • Light – 90mm diameter – 3 sections – Minimum 2.11m retracted, up to 5.16m extended
  • Super Primo – 80mm diameter – 4-8 sections – Minimum 1.36m retracted, up to 17.0m extended
  • Primo – 64mm diameter – 4 sections – Minimum 1.81m retracted, up to 6.0m extended
  • Zero – 64mm diameter – 3 sections – Minimum 2.095m retracted, up to 5.185m extended

The ZCG range of Fireco Pneumatic mast accessories are as follows:

  • 3-leg tripods or 4-leg free-standing base
  • Wall or vehicle mount brackets
  • Sand scraper rings (all sizes)
  • Guy stabilising ropes
  • Coaxial and helical cable guides
  • Round or square fixing brackets
  • Air compressor or hand pumps

For more information or pricing on the entire Fireco Pneumatic Mast range available from ZCG, please contact your local ZCG sales consultant.