Newest Release to Market

During this ever changing business climate, ZCG is still manufacturing and developing RF solutions to suit the market demands and customer specific requirements.

Our Research and development department have been busy developing our newest VHF high band solution to be an plug and play solution for all industries utilising VHF communications high band 148-174MHz.

GID-1417 VHF high band broadband whip

To ensure our GID-1417 is the best solution on the market. Our initial in-field testing was undertaken by a wide range of industries to ensure every condition and stress was applied to our antenna. From the multiple rounds of testing internally and externally, the feedback received was that our solution out-performed in signal strength, signal efficiency and exceeded service life compared to all other comparable models on the market.

Return loss and Radiation pattern.

Comprising of a loaded base with embedded UHF male PL259 with a detachable black flexible whip the combination allows for true broadband VHF coverage across the high band 148-174MHz. A N-type male version can be requested, high volume requests only.

UHF male PL259 embedded in base, with detachable top whip

The GID-1417 is suitable for mounting onto and UHF female SO239 terminated base such as the RA-4.7, MGB-UHF or ZMB-90, all available in stock ready for immediate delivery.

Full specifications – click here

The GID-1417 VHF high band 148-174MHz whip is available in stock in our Victorian office available for immediate delivery.

For large quantity orders, please allow 10-15 working days for manufacturing. Contact us now for more information