Maximise your GPS coverage with ZMA-25 plus ZUHP: broadcast across the entire UHF TV band

ZCG Scalar
April 17 2014

ZMA-25ZMA-25: coverage wherever you are

Compact and sensitive, the ZMA-25 mobile GPS antenna is designed to amplify very weak signals so your GPS will work wherever you are.
Highly sensitive and high gain yet low profile and with a magnetic or adhesive base for ease of mounting and installation, the ZMA-25 is available with SMA, SMC or Fakra connectors.
Suitable for a range of applications including:
  • Vehicle GPS
  • Vehicle tracking navigation systems
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • AVL/Fleet management system
  • External antenna for handheld GPS
  • External antenna for PDA navigator
Water resistant and with excellent temperature stability, the ZMA-25 is Australian made and designed for all Australian conditions.
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ZUHPBroadcast across the entire UHF TV band IV and V with ZUHP

The ZUHP is a horizontal polarised broadband panel covering the entire UHF TV band IV and V.
With an enclosed panel, the radiating internals have minimal exposure to damage or moisture ingress to maximise its lifespan.
Suitable for a range of broadcast applications the robust ZUHP’s has a range of features including:
  • Broad bandwidth: covers the entire UHF Band IV and V (520 – 820 MHz)
  • High gain 11.1 dBd
  • Low VSWR 1.2:1
  • 250W per bay with higher powered options available
  • Australian made
Coaxial feeder cable, connectors and other installation accessories are all available separately.
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