ZN3 range for serious 4x4 plus our range of ISM Band wireless data antennas

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May 7 2015

ZN3 rangeZCG’s range of 477MHz UHF CB radio antennas offers options to meet all of your 4x4 customers’ needs

These rugged and reliable units are made right here in Australia and offer the flexibility of a medium- or heavy-weight option. Plus, when not in use, you can simply remove the antenna for storage and security.

The ZN3 series is available in four options:
  • The highly-flexible “quick fit” ZN3-77-04 series caters to situations where tall antennas may be subject to damage and are ideal for city use.
  • The medium-duty ZN3-77-10 is designed for mounting to the bull bar of smaller 4WD vehicles, utes, cars and trucks.
  • The heavy duty ZN3-77-11 offers a good balance between size and gain which is well suited for either hilly or flat country.
  • The super heavy duty ZN3-77-12 delivers maximum transmit and high gain over flat ground; you can offer your customers a quality, Australian-made antenna suitable for the harshest Australian conditions.
Alternative mounting options, connectors and other installation accessories are all available separately.

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Did you know that ZCG design and manufacture a selection of antennas especially for ISM Band wireless data transmit and receive applications operating across the frequency range 2.4 to 2.5 GHz?

Z2400-8 data link antennaMast Mount Collinear Antennas, 10 dBi and 13 dBi gain

Z2400-8 is an omnidirectional collinear mast-mount antenna factory tuned for the ISM band 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. The antenna stands 85 cm tall and delivers 10 dBi gain.

Construction consists of copper internals, a robust white fibreglass radome and stainless steel mount tube.

An N-Female connector rated for up to 50 watts input power is located at the base of the mount tube.

The Z2400-8RS model includes a reflector screen to restrict the radiation pattern emitted at the rear. Front-to-back ratio is -20 dB

Gain increases to 13 dBi with the rear screen fitted.

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Right-Hand Circularly Polarised End Fired Point-To-Point, 17.1 dBi gain

CP2400-15 is a directional right-hand circularly polarised end fired helical antenna specifically designed for point-to-point ISM Band data communications.

CP2400-15 data link antenna

1.12 metres long, the antenna delivers high 17.1 dBi gain.

Circularly polarised antenna systems inherently cancel out unwanted reflections making this model the preferred choice for 2.4 GHz ISM band data transmissions.

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WiMax Power Divider2-Way N-Type WiMAX Power Divider

PD-240N2 is a power divider for combining the output of two WiMAX data link antennas operating in the ISM Band frequency range 2.4 to 2.5 GHz.

Constructed from aluminium, brass and stainless steel, this power divider will maintain return loss to better than -20 dB, less than 1.2:1 VSWR across the full band.

The N-Type Female connectors are rated for up to 250 watts power.

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RU400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable

For the higher frequency range and those longer antenna feeder cable runs, RU400 will provide the low attenuation performance you require.

RU400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable

This is a high quality double-shielded cable equivalent in every respect to what is commonly known in the industry as LMR400.
  • At the cellular mobile phone frequency 900 MHz, the signal loss over 100 metres for RG58 solid core is 35 dB.
    For RU400, just 14.7 dB - three times better.

  • At 2.4 GHz, signal loss each 100 metres for RG58 solid core is 58 dB.
    For RU400, the loss is only 25.7 dB, a significant improvement to antenna performance !
RU400 coaxial cable is available for both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm applications. Order cut lengths as you require, or a full 100 metre or 300 metre roll at reduced prices per metre.

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1/2" Flexible Foam Dielectric Coaxial Cable, 50 Ohm

For high power Base Station and Broadcast applications, our ZCG1250 flexible foam dielectric 1/2” coaxial cable has specifications and attenuation performance to match or surpass all other brands on the market. 

You can order ZCG1250 in cut lengths, or take advantage of the discount price available for a full 500 metre roll.

And don't forget, ZCG can assemble RF Cable Sets to your own custom requirements.

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