1/2″ 50 Ohm low-smoke zero halogen flexible foam dielectric coaxial cable – per metre

1/2" low-smoke zero halogen flexible corrugated shielded, foam PE dielectric coaxial cable, DC-8.8 GHz, 50 Ohms - per metre

Product code: ZCG1250-LSZH

Our 1/2" low smoke, zero halogen, corrugated shielded, foam dielectric coaxial cable is ZCG's sub-terrain or enclosed space model of 1/2" coaxial cable. Matching in performance and attentuation to all available 1/2" cable on the market. The ZCG1250-LSZH zero halogen coaxial cable is utilised in sub-terrain and enclosed locations such as mine infrastructure and military installations where confined spaces are present. For more information please contact ZCG directly.



DC to maximum 8.8 GHz


50 Ohms

Maximum Power

3,940W at 100 MHz


Copper clad aluminium conductor, FPE dielectric, corrugated copper shield and zero halogen jacket


Jacket: 15.7mm, Shielding: 13.8mm, Dieletric: 12.3mm, Conduc

Weight - kg

24kg per 100 metres

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