2-piece single fibreglass strut support, no lug offset – 4.5m

2-piece single fibreglass tensions strut support, no lug offset, 3 metres packed - 4.5m assembled

Product code: SF4.5

The SF4.5 single tension fibreglass strut support can be utilised on all Yagi antennas, STL gridpack dish antennas or broadcast antenna to stop mechanical tilt or movement where high winds may be present. The 2-piece design and construction with easy screw-secure joining ferrules reduces overall pack length of the SF4.5 strut support which in turn reduces courier cost, whilst maintaining structural strength. The SF4.5 fibreglass strut is a tension style strut requiring to be mounted above your antenna and tension 'stretch' forces being applied. The SF4.5 does not come included with any mounting hardware, please specify antenna type and mount pole diameter and ZCG can supply a mounting solution to suit. For beneath antenna 'compression' style struts please see the SRF4.5 compression strut support.



No lug offset


Solid fibreglass core, 304 stainless steel end lugs and machined joining ferrules


25mm wide x 35mm flat with 8mm mount hole


Packed: 3.0 metres, Assembled 4.5 metres

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