2-piece VHF omni-directional 8 dipole binary array, aluminium, 136-174MHz, 6dBd, 250W – 6.4m, 2 cable exit

Broadband VHF omni-directional 8 dipole binary array, 2-piece aluminium, 136-174 MHz, 250W, dual N-type female, dual cable, 3dBd per half, 6 dBd combined - 7.03m

Product code: DVA-1415-SB-6

The DVA-1415-SB-6 is a 2-piece VHF binary dipole array which offers offers both an omnidirectional radiation pattern and genuine broadband coverage across the entire VHF high band 136-174 MHz frequency range. The DVA-1415-SB-6 VHF binary dipole array antenna has Passive Intermodulation performance of - <122dBic, suitable for low PIM installation such as telecommunications towers. The DVA-1415-SB-6 is terminated with two external cable tails terminated with N-type female connector for top array and lower array, suitable for RX -TX applications. You can phase the two sections externally utilising a VHF tuned power divider. For a single terminated solution please see our DVA-1317AL-6 VHF binary array antenna.



136-174 MHz - VHF high band & land mobile radio


Full frequency range stated - 38 MHz


6 dBd

Maximum Power

250 Watts


50 Ohms

HE Plane

H Plane: 360° omnidirectional, E Plane 21°




2-piece fully-welded corrosion resistant aluminium boom, dipoles, dual cables and terminations


N-type female jack fitted on each cable, bottom exit from bo


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


Height assembled: 7.03 metres, packed: 3.7m, Mount dia: 88.9

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