27MHz marine deck mount antenna. 27.88MHz, UHF male, 25W, 2.1dBi – 2.4m

Omnidirectional 27 MHz marine deck mount antenna. 27.68 - 27.98 MHz, 25W, UHF male PL259, 4.5m cable, 2.1 dBi - 2.4m

Product code: ZM24-27

The ZM24-27 omnidirectional marine 27MHz deck mount antenna, is suitable for 27 MHz communications whilst at sea. The ZM24-27 marine 27MHz antenna is tuned for maximum performance for the Distress, Urgency and Safety Calling 27.86 MHz and 27.88 MHz frequency allocations. The ZM24-27 marine HF antenna requires either a MM1 white nylon fold down base, MM2 stainless steel fold down base or alternatively you can mast mount the ZM24-27 HF marine antenna utilising a MMA mast mount adaptor with 2 x EB1-SS parallel mount clamps. ZCG recommend waterproofing your terminations utilising two layers of amalgamation butyl rubber and a single external layer of uPVC tape to ensure no water ingression into your connector joints. The ZM24-27 27MHz marine antenna should be orientated in a vertical polarisation whilst in use and completely laid flat whilst the vessel is being transported on a trailer to avoid contact with overhead infrastructure.



27.86-27.98 MHz - Maritime HF 27 MHz communications


27.68 MHz + 27.88 MHz - Maritime Distress, Urgency and Safet


2.1 dBi


27.86 - 27.98 MHz - HF 27 MHz communications


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional

Maximum Power

25 Watts




White tapered fibreglass radome, chrome mount ferrule, 4.5m external white RG58 cable and connector, not fitted


UHF male PL259 connector - solder pin, twist-style supplied,


Height: 2.4m, Mount thread: 1-1/4" UNS female thread


1.1 kg

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