4G LTE/4G/3G 15 element round boom Yagi, aluminium, 698-890MHz, N-type female, 100W, 13dBd – 1.55m

4G LTE & 4G/3G 15 element round boom Yagi, aluminium, 698-890 MHz, 100W, N-type female, 13 dBd - 1.55m

Product code: Y715-RW

The Y715-RW cellular Yagi antenna is designed for all available 4G LTE 698-800 MHz & lower 4G/3G 820-890 MHz frequency range. The Y715-RW high gain cellular Yagi antenna is suitable for mobile phone signal improvement, long distance narrow beam data transfer, directional telemetry applications or where the terrain requires a directional signal such as down valleys or mine sites. To mount the Y715-RW 4G LTE Yagi antenna, ZCG recommend utilising 1 x A48-R right-angle mount clamp to allow polarisation adjustment on tilted/angled mount locations. Combine the Y715-RW high gain mobile phone Yagi with a cellular booster for improved network connection at your home, office or remote office location.



698-890 MHz - All networks 4G LTE & lower 4G/3G


Full frequency range stated - 192 MHz


13 dBd

Maximum Power

100 Watts


50 Ohms - nominal

HE Plane

H Plane: 37°, E Plane: 43°


Mount horizontal or vertical as required


Fully-welded corrosion resistant aluminium components and 115mm external cable tail


N-type female fitted to 115mm cable


Factory at average 1.5:1 VSWR, maximum <1.8:1 vswr


Length:1.55m ; Widest element: 235mm, Boom diameter: 25mm

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