Airband scaled single cavity band-pass filter, 118-136MHz, specify 200kHz, 250W – 550mm

VHF Air Band single cavity band-pass filter, 118-137 MHz, specify 200 kHz, 250W, N-type female - 550mm

Product code: ZVBF-136AB

The ZVBF-136AB single cavity band-pass filter will work within the VHF Air Band 118-137 MHz frequency range, suitable for airport communications.The ZVBF-136AB Air Band band-pass filter is ideal for recieve isolation for a single transmit or receive channel. The ZVBF-136AB VHF airband cavity filter can be re-tuned in the field in case of alternate frequency requirements, simply loosen the grub screw, adjust the slider referencing with a network analyser to your required alternate frequency, tighten the grub screw once the frequency is achieved. ZCG proudly manufacture the ZVBF-136AB VHF Air Band cavity band-pass filters in Australia.



118-137 MHz - VHF Air Band


Specify any 200 kHz when ordering


Factory at better than 1.2:1 VSWR, can be in-field re-tuned


50 Ohms - nominal

Maximum Power

250 Watts


Can be mounted vertically utilising a flat surface and/or br


Clear anodised aluminium outer cavity body, internal INVAR tuning components, PTFE insulators and nickel plated terminations


Input: N-type female, Output: N-type female


Height: 550mm, Outer Diameter: 203mm

Weight (kg)

5.5 kg

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