All-black ground independent lightweight UHF CB radio antenna, 477MHz – 750mm

All-black ground independent light-duty UHF CB radio antenna, 477 MHz, UHF male PL259, 5m cable, 2.1 dBi - 750mm

Product code: SGL477-BLKR

The SGL477-BLKR UHF CB antenna is our all-black, light to medium-duty UHF CB 477MHz radio antenna. Matching in performance to our medium to heavy-duty SG477-BLKR 477MHz CB antenna, the SGL477-BLKR 477MHz CB antenna differs, with a parallel spring and the RG58 cable exiting from the base of the all-black spring. The SGL477-BLKR 477MHz CB antenna can be mounted in the traditional bull-bar or bonnet location but its light-weight design allows for truck mirror or vehicle boot mount. The SGL477-BLKR all-black CB Radio antenna comes included with a PL259 UHF male connector, not fitted, suitable for all UHF CB radio's available on the market with a SO-239 UHF female termination.



477 MHz - UHF CB Radio


476.4125 - 477.4125 MHz - all 40/80 channels


2.1 dBi - suits hilly terrain or CBD locations

Maximum Power

20 Watts


50 Ohms

HE Plane

H Plane: 360° omnidirectional




Black fibreglass radome, black aluminium ferrule, black stainless steel parallel spring and 5m RG58


UHF male solder connector supplied


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


Height: 750mm

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