Aluminium heavy duty mount adaptor (ZN3 spring to 5/16 thread)

Aluminium heavy-duty whip to UHF female topped spring base mount adaptor, ZN3 spring to 5/16"-26 brass male thread - 153mm x 28mm

Product code: A-1962

The A-1962 whip to spring base mount adaptor suits our AM/FM radio spring bases such as on the ZN3-AMFM-12 series, to convert your radome antenna to a more flexible whip AM/FM radio receive configuration. The A-1962 suits the CR66-TPM AMFM radio whip.





Machined corrosion resistant aluminium and black delrin body, brass 5/16"-26 brass male threaded whip mount and internal UHF male connector


UHF male embedded in base of unit for ZN3-SB series spring bases. 5/16"-26 brass male thread at top of unit for whip fitment.


Height: 153mm, Diameter: 28mm, Whip mount thread: 5/16"-26 brass male

Weight - kg


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