AM/FM radio receive lightweight spring base collinear – 5m cable, solderless car radio, receive only – 750mm

AM/FM radio receive light-duty spring base collinear, 5m cable, Car radio male plug to FME male plug adaptor, receive only - 750mm

Product code: SGL1100-W

The SGL1100-W AM/FM antenna is the white radome, polished spring base light-weight version in our range of AM/FM receive antennas. The design of the SG1100-W will improve your AM Radio and FM radio reception while travelling extending your receive range in comparison to the OEM antenna supplied on your vehicle. The SGL1100-W matches in apperance to the rest of ZCG's SGL range of antennas maintaining the aethetics of your vehicle without compromise. Mount the SGL1100-W AMFM antenna using a 16mm hole or suitable mount bracket with a 16mm hole. The SGL1100-W can be used as a fixed position AM/FM collinear on your structure or caravan. Please note some radios on the market require a AM/FM connector, others require the centre conductor and braid to be the terminations. An all black SGL1100-BLKR with a black radome, spring and mount ferrule is also available.



AM radio 530-1600 kHz and FM radio 87.5-108 MHz


Receive only



H Plane beamwidth

H Plane: 360° omni-directional - receive

Maximum Power

Receive only




White fibreglass radome, aluminium mount ferrule and stainless steel parallel spring


Car radio male plug to FME male plug adaptor supplied, not f


Height: 750mm, Mount hole requirement: min. 16mm

Weight (kg)

0.65 kg

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