FM Radio receive collinear, grey, no connector required, incl. fascia offset bracket – 2.06m

FM Radio receive collinear, grey, no connector, 6m RG59 cable, incl. fascia offset bracket - 2.06m

Product code: FMRX

The FMRX FM Radio receive antenna is an economical and effective fixed position antenna solution to those seeking to improve their FM radio reception at home, office or offsite location, particularly in situations where signal strength indoors is poor. Mount the FMRX FM Radio antenna using the supplied L mounting bracket using 2 mounting screws. Simply strip the RG59 cable end to reach between your radios input terminals and connect to your radio receiver, no connector/termination required. If a termination is required please order P/N 7966 radio male plug.



87.5-108 MHz - FM radio receive


Full frequency range stated


Receive only


Factory - receive only

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd - receive

Maximum Power

Receive only




Grey tapered fibreglass radome, clear anodised aluminium ferrule, galvanised 'L' mount bracket and 6m RG59 cable


No connector supplied, fix cable to rear panel of FM radio tuner


Height: 2.06m, Mount hole requirement: 13mm

Weight - kg


Wind load at 160kph

0.029kN, 2.925kg

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