FM Radio sidemount dipole, aluminium, 87.5-108MHz, 500W, 0dBd – 1.4m

Broadband FM Radio sidemount dipole, aluminium, 87.5-108 MHz, 500W, N-type female, 1.5m RG213, 0 dBd - 1.4m

Product code: B46B

The B46B broadband FM sidemount dipole is our most popular solution for use as a FM radio broadcast dipole antenna or standby/backup broadcast antenna. The B46B FM sidemount dipole antenna is tried, tested and trusted design in construction and performance and in utilisation by a wide range of broadcasters Australia-wide as well as internationally. The design and manufacture of the B46B FM Radio folded dipole antenna results in a broadband coverage of the entire FM Radio frequency range, suitable to permit single antenna sharing with multiple FM transmit frequencies. ZCG recommend mounting the B46B broadband FM folded dipole antenna as high on your structure or tower as possible using 1 x Y2300 right-angle mount clamp.



87.5-108 MHz - FM Radio


Full frequency range stated - 20.5 MHz


0 dBd for single dipole, stacking/array formation will incre

Maximum Power

500 Watts


50 Ohms - nominal




Corrosion resistant aluminium dipole, stand-off mount pole, 1.5m RG213 and termination


N-type female connector fitted to cable or specify requireme


Factory at better than 1.3:1 VSWR


Dipole height: 1.4m, Stand-off: 1.5m

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