Ground earthing kit for 1/2″ super flexible cable/ ZCG1250SF – includes waterproofing

Ground earthing kit for 1/2" super flexible helical shielded coaxial cable, ZCG1250SF - includes waterproofing

Product code: GK1250SF

The GK1250SF ground earthing kit is suitable for 1/2" super flexible, helical shielded coaxial cable. The GK1250SF kit, includes a copper grounding cable clamp with grounding cable and termination lug, lug securing bolt, 3M waterproofing butile rubber sealant and 3M UV stabilised PVC tape. As a standard ZCG recommend installing a GK1250SF grounding kit at the top middle and bottom of your tower feeder cable as well as installing a kit before your coaxial cable enters into your transmission hut or structure.



Copper cable clamp, coaxial cable, butile rubber sealant and PVC tape


Copper cable clamp for 1-2" helical shielded coaxial cable

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