Ground earthing kit for RU400/ RG213/ RG214 and RG8 – includes waterproofing

Ground earthing kit for RU400/ RG213/ RG214/U and RG8 - includes mastic amalgamating tape and PVC tape waterproofing

Product code: GK950

The GK950 ground earthing kit is suitable for RU400 low loss solid conductor, foam PE dielectric coaxial cable, RG213 MIL-SPEC stranded core, solid PE dielectric cable or RG214/U dual silver plated braid, solid PE dielectric coaxial cable. The GK950 coaxial cable ground earting kit is also suitable for any other 400 series coaxial cable available on the market. As a standard, ZCG recommend installing a GK950 grounding kit at the top middle and bottom of your tower feeder cable as well as installing a kit before your coaxial cable enters into your transmission hut or structure. Ensure your cable clamp is installed above the earthing location with the cable as straight as possible in a vertical orientation..



Install with copper clamp at highest point and connection point to ground straight and lower than clamp, earthing cable should be kept straight as possible.


Copper cable clamp, earthing cable, ground termination lug, mastic self-amalgamating butyl rubber sealant and PVC tape


Copper clamp - screw-type, for wrap-around outer conductor mounting to your coaxial cable

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