Ground independent VHF half-wave whip, stainless steel, 148-174MHz, field trim, 6m cable, BNC Male, 2.1dBi – 1.17m

Ground independent VHF half-wave whip, stainless steel, 148-174 MHz, field trim, 6m cable, BNC male, 2.1 dBi - 1.17m

Product code: GRH

The GRH ground independent, detachable half-wave whip is a lightweight solution for VHF communications between 148-174 MHz. To attain your required frequency field trim using a SWR meter to achieve your require 4 MHz bandwidth. When situation where damage or vandalism may occur or when not in use, the detachable antenna top can be removed from the cable base. Ensure to cover the exposed cable base connector to stop dirt/water ingression. To Mount the GRH you will require a minimum 16mm hole/bracket such as a GM1.



148-174 MHz - VHF high band


Field trim to 4 MHz bandwidth


2.1 dBi


Field tune whip using SWR meter once installed into location. Tune guide on installation guide


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd

Maximum Power

50 Watts




Type 17-7PH stainless steel whip, black delrin base ferrule, detachable 6m cable assembly with Right-angle UHF female connector and BNC male connector


Right-angle UHF female base and BNC male connector supplied


Height: 1.17m, Mount hole required: 16mm

Weight - kg


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