Ground independent VHF low band vehicle mount whip and base, 70-77MHz, field tune, 2.1dBi – 1.57m

Ground independent VHF mid band quarter wave elevated feed whip, 70-77 MHz, field tune 2 MHz, 100W, UHF male, 5.5m cable, 2.1 dBi - 1.57m

Product code: GRLT

The GRLT is a ground independent, half wave, end fed VHF mid band whip antenna. The GRLT VHF whip antenna needs a good earth at its mounting position, but there is no need for a full ground plane for the GRLT VHF mid band whip to perform to specifcations. The UHF male PL259 is not fitted, trim cable to required length and then fit UHF PL259 connector. The GRLT VHF mid band whip antenna can be mounted a top a A-1269 barrel spring base or A-1270 HD parallel spring base for medium or heavy-duty applications, feed cable through spring before fitting connector.



70-77 MHz - VHF Mid band


Field tune to any 2 MHz


2.1 dBi


Field tune stainless steel whip using a SWR meter, once installed


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd

Maximum Power

100 Watts




Stainless steel whip, delrin and chrome elevated coil loaded base, 5.5m external RG58 cable and nickel plated UHF male PL259 connector


UHF male PL259 solder pin, twist-style connector supplied, not fitted to cable.


Height: 1.57m, Mount hole requirements: 10mm

Weight - kg


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